Gwenda Johnson

Acting Deputy Principal

Geraldine McMahon


Mary Hickey

Classes & Staff:

This year, we have 9 classes, taught by the following class teachers. SNAs support the pupils, as required, in their daily care needs.

Room 1:  Thomas O’Dowd    (SNAs: Loraine, Jennifer, Kiera 0.5)

Room 2:  Ben Cole     (SNAs: Kay, Stephanie, Kiera 0.5)

Room 3:  Jennifer Clifford &  Aoife O’Gorman (SNAs: Toni, Ger, Fiona/ Anne jobsharing)

Room 4:   Niamh McLaughlin     (SNAs: Adele, Maura, Michelle/ Christina jobsharing)

Room 5:   Olivia Duggan and Claire Keenan jobsharing    (SNAs: Donna, Joan 0.5)

Room 6:   Geraldine McMahon      (SNA: Aileen, Joan 0.5)

Room 7:   Mary Tolan      (SNA: Susan, Lisa/ Lorna jobsharing)

Prefab 1:  Rebecca Kerr  (Gráinne Maloney due back from leave in June)  (SNAs: Mandy, Rachael, Matthew)

Prefab 2:   Shauna Lunney   (SNAs: Joanne, Lynsey, Jade)

Additional Curriculum Teachers

Additional Curriculum and Music Therapy are provided by full-time and part-time teachers from Dublin’s Education and Training Board.




Art/ Pottery:

Music Therapy:

Orientation & Mobility:

Rachel Donohoe

Catherine Foran

Frances Pepper

Leesha Cunningham

Bill Ahessy

Laura Cleary (due back from leave in April)

Declan Connor is a Resource Teacher with the CDETB and works some hours with our senior class at St. Joseph’s.