Our school’s mission statement speaks about our aim to nurture each child holistically, in mind, body and spirit.

There are some ‘wellness’ resources on the School News page of our website. We hope that these ‘mind, body, spirit’ resources will be useful.

  • National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) Relaxation Resources (See School Closure: General Parent Support Info)
  • Creating a Mini Sensory Space at Home
  • Making Music at Home- activity ideas
  • Music Therapy Videos
  • NEW: Lots of relaxation and wellbeing ideas at this link: Creative Mindful Therapeutic Activities for Children, V2
  • Nature Walks with Sensory Scavenger Hunt
  • Indoors Obstacle Course
  • Orientation & Mobility – At Home and in your neighbourhood
  • Orientation & Mobility Videos
  • VI Football and Tennis

As a Catholic school, we believe that God has given us ways to find strength and peace in times of difficulty and to share this strength and peace with others.

  • Pray together regularly as a family- even 1 minute each day at a mealtime or bed time, or once a week
  • Create a sacred space or “family altar” in your home- choose a space in your home that can become a focal point for family prayer and a concrete reminder that God is present with your family.
  • Breathing and Affirmations- one way we can use our breath to focus and pay attention to God is simply through deep breathing to calm and centre ourselves when we’re feeling anxious. Another way is through use of focused breathing with affirmations from Scripture.
  • Silence- periods of silence can help us in our noisy world. Starting with short periods, we can practise silence together with children, encouraging them to simply be silent and enjoy being in God’s presence.
  • Alphabet Bible Verse Flash Cards  https://media.focusonthefamily.com/fotf/pdf/magazine/abc-bible-verses-color.pdf
  • Phone Prayers- pull up the list of your “favourites” — family members or family friends you often speak with on the phone. You and your child could pray for one. Pull up the last 10 photos you’ve taken, pray for the people seen in each one. This could be a positive and bonding thing to do when children and families need to be apart from people who are significant in their lives.
  • Five-Finger PrayerEach finger, from the thumb to the pinky, can be used to represent someone in the child’s life, e.g.: The thumb: Pray for someone close to them — perhaps a family member. The index finger: Say a prayer for someone who points them in the right direction, perhaps a parent, a carer, a teacher or SNA. The middle finger: Pray for someone who is in a position of leadership. The ring finger: Pray for someone who is having difficulty/illness. The pinky finger: Pray for a friend and for child him/ herself.
  • Acts of Kindness- encourage your child to show a small act of kindness and compassion to a family member, neighbour or friend once a day or once a week. This not only allows a child to share God’s love with others but also brings a sense of wellbeing to the child him/ herself.