In this video, Laura Cleary, O&M teacher, shows the upper body protection technique. This technique protects the head and, in particular, the face. It can be a difficult position for young people to sustain for long periods of time. It tends to be used when passing overhanging obstacles like tree branches, shelves or cupboards at head height. It should always be used when bending down, to protect our face.

  • Bend arm and raise hand to position (back of the hand directly in front of the face with fingers spread open to cover a greater area and palm facing outwards
  • With the bent elbow at shoulder height, extend the hand forwards and upwards to ensure whole of the head is protected.
  • The hand (with the palm facing outwards as per the video) should be approximately 30cm  from the face and fingertips just above the top of the head
To view video, click on this link:!Alpv0_bi4EisgSXWptTaPsX26xZS