• Nature Walk Idea- Sensory Scavenger Hunt                                                                                                               
     Click on this link: Sensory Scavenger Hunt
  • Pointers for enjoying a Nature Walk with your child

– Be sure that you talk about everything that you see on the nature walk. Explain to the children what you are seeing so that they can envision it.

– Encourage your child on a nature walk to use all available senses. You could include siblings in this activity also and have the children take turns telling each other what parts of nature they are hearing at the present time.

– Give each one who wants to participate a chance to talk about what they hear and even to mimic the noises.

– Allow and encourage them to smell the flowers and wet grass/branches etc. –Have the children describe what they are smelling at each stage of the walk. Talk about what they think these smells are, and tell them what they are smelling if they don’t figure it out.

Bring items to your children to smell, such as pine needles, wildflowers, fresh grass and loose bark.

– When you can, stop and encourage your child to explore items with their hands. Pick up twigs, leaves, flowers, and even bugs. Give your child a chance to feel the various things that you have found and have them guess what they are feeling.

– Be sure that if you see different types of trees you let them handle all of the leaves that can be found.