In this video, Laura Cleary, O&M teacher, shows the barrier technique.

This is usually the first body protection technique taught to a young child with visual impairment as it is relatively easy for them to manage. It offers good overall protection and also helps them to maintain a straight path when crossing an open space such as the corridors in school. It doesn’t help them to find a low object but will safely locate an open door.

  • Starting with flat hands, one on top of the other with palms facing towards body, touch their tummy.
  • Keeping hands vertical push outwards until positioned as of hugging a big beach ball.
  • Elbows should remain slightly bent to cover body width.
  • Hands must stay together for the “circle” to remain intact.

To view video, click on link:!Alpv0_bi4EisgSluQw3Nfdk8QXCP