In this video, Laura Cleary, O&M teacher, shows a technique to protect the groin and trunk. It’s easier to maintain than upper body protection and is a more subtle form of body protection. It is used to locate objects at, and just below, trunk height. It will enable your child to locate a chair, table, wall, person, etc.  However, it will not allow them to find a box on the floor or a low coffee table, etc. To find objects lower down, they  would need to use their feet and/or legs to locate and trail around them.

  • The arm is extended forward and diagonally across the body with the elbow slightly bent
  • Palm of the hand is facing toward the body at groin height and the arm covering body width

The action of reaching across the body can result in trunk twisting making it more difficult to walk in a straight line as the child may veer when crossing an open space

To view video, click on this link:!Alpv0_bi4EisgSrA_Y0kpnl0Ik-q