Dear Parent/ Guardian,

Hope you and your family are keeping well at this difficult time. Each of you will have heard from your child’s class teacher, offering support for distance learning in various forms. For our more intellectually able students, their engagement should be as full as possible.

Of course, we are aware that circumstances are different for each child and for each family, especially at the moment. As a parent/ guardian, please do not feel under pressure. You are not expected to ‘home school’. According to your child’s ability, interests and present needs, please feel free to fully engage or to ‘dip in’ to distance learning, at the level that works for your child and you.

Below are some general resources I have been asked to pass on to all parents by Department of Education and related agencies. Separate posts contain free offers from educational activity websites and other activity ideas.

Very best wishes to you all. May you stay safe and well. Gwenda Johnson, Principal.

NCSE: Link to Ideas from Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists
Middletown Centre for Autism: Info about Free Webinars for Parents of children who have Autism